An early preview of Studio for Enterprise

We are thrilled to announce that Studio has been designed to bring the power of AI into the heart of your business.

An early preview of Studio for Enterprise

Today I'm excited to give you a glimpse into our latest product: Studio.

Let's clarify some key terms: Digital Doppelganger, Digital Brain, and Dynamic Knowledge Rendering. These innovative concepts are set to change how you interact with information in your organisation.

The Digital Doppelganger

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the maze of data stored across numerous platforms in your organisation? Most companies resort to dumping this data into SharePoint or similar solutions. While this approach has been serviceable for years, it's time for an upgrade.

A Digital Doppelganger is a highly advanced AI model that streamlines the way you interact with your enterprise data. Rather than lumping everything into a 'data lake,' a Digital Doppelganger specialises in verticals, from your marketing department to your employee handbook.

Using natural language processing, these AI models enable you to pull information from various or even no sources, offering you a conversational interface for seamless interaction. What's more, these doppelgangers can communicate with each other and with external services and APIs, similar to existing plugins like ChatGPT.

The Digital Brain

Imagine an entire network of these doppelgangers, each having specific expertise and functional roles within your organisation. We call this the Digital Brain. It brings these doppelgangers together under a single umbrella, revolutionising how we locate and share information.

Dynamic Knowledge Rendering

We are also introducing the term Dynamic Knowledge Rendering. This feature enables you to personalise content according to the end-user's preferences. Be it a contract, an HR video, or any other document, Dynamic Knowledge Rendering converts them into content that's relatable to you, from podcasts to comic book strips. Studio - A Quick Run-through

Still, in its preview stage, ,;.run Studio aims to become the ultimate tool for enterprises.

  1. Teams: Divide your members into various teams like marketing, technology, etc.
  2. Doppelgangers: These AI models represent various departments or functionalities within your organisation.
  3. Workflows: Advanced blocks that allow you to execute complex tasks involving third-party systems and doppelgangers.
  4. Editor with Assistant: Our editor lets you easily draft documents, with the ability to invoke doppelgangers for context-aware content creation.

All solutions run within your enterprise infrastructure, ensuring data security. Studio is designed with an aesthetic akin to consumer applications but is robust enough for enterprise-grade demands.

Please get in touch for a demonstration for your organisation. email [email protected]