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AI in Hotels : four seasons, Dubai

Good morning from Dubai and the Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach! Today, we explore the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the hotel sector.

Lee Mallon
Aug 15, 2023
2 min read

Good morning from Dubai and the Four Seasons Jumeirah Beach! Today, we explore the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the hotel sector, as shared by Lee Mallon of

Firstly, we recognise that hotels essentially offer similar amenities, but it's the people who work there, from porters to lifeguards, that make or break the experience. The idea is not to replace these human connections with AI but to empower them to deliver even greater hospitality.

The video dives into how AI is revolutionising various aspects of the hotel industry:

  1. Design & Construction: New tools such as Midjourney, DALLE, and Adobe Firefly are allowing hotel operators to express creativity in design. 3D printing is enabling unprecedented aesthetics, especially in the rapidly growing Middle East hotel market.
  2. Hotel Discovery: AI may soon allow a more conversational and personalised search for hotels. By knowing your preferences, such as wanting a pool slide for the kids, AI can filter the vast options down to a select few that truly match your desires.
  3. Booking & Arrival Experience: Digital twins, or AI counterparts, can communicate preferences like room views or meal allergies to ensure a smooth check-in. Imagine driving up to a hotel that recognises your car's number plate, preparing the staff to welcome you with open arms and perhaps even a welcome drink.
  4. In-Hotel Experience: AI is redefining art curation within hotels and personalising the room's technology experience. Smart systems can greet you in your preferred language, control room conditions, and bring about a sense of magical convenience.
  5. Staff Empowerment: By relieving staff from mundane tasks and enhancing their knowledge through AI, hotels can foster a more engaged and caring team, ready to guide guests throughout their stay.
  6. Human Connection: AI's real magic lies in enhancing the human-to-human connection, providing the platform for more memorable experiences. Robots may appear, but they won't replace the warmth of human hospitality.

The evolution of AI in hotels is an exciting journey, fostering innovation, and increasing comfort for guests, while allowing staff to shine in their roles. As we look forward to the next decade, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're a hotelier or a hotel enthusiast, this era promises to be filled with captivating experiences and fascinating transformations.

So next time you find yourself in a hotel, look around; you might just see the future unfolding before your eyes.

If you are within the hotel sector or passinate about the industry I would love to chat further and share with you some things we are doing in hospitality with AI, please email [email protected].

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