Next Frontier in AI Translation: Contextual Adaptation

AI reshapes language translation and communication, balancing adaptation with message integrity.

Productivity with AI: The Empty Quarter Desert

For many years, the domain of information technology and development has acted as a bottleneck, preventing effective communication between humans and technology.

AI Regulation: ADGM, Abu Dhabi

With AI making waves - from Senate hearings in the US to the European AI Act -it's clear that governance is urgently needed. Questions around the ethics and ownership of training data, as well as the environmental and financial impact, are becoming impossible to ignore.

Ending One Size Fits All Education with DKR

Education stands as one of the few domains that has been resistant to deep, structural change. Maybe we can change this with DKR.

Preserving AI : Louvre Abu Dhabi

I find myself standing amid the architectural brilliance of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which for me, holds the title of the most beautiful building in the world.

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